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Car Accident ClaimIf you were injured in what you at first believe is a “minor” accident, you may think you can handle your claim on your own. However, many car accident claims in Southfield quickly unravel when accident victims learn that their injuries were more severe than they first thought, their bills are mounting, and the insurance company has denied their claim or is unnecessarily delaying. Hiring a knowledgeable Michigan car accident lawyer is often a better solution to handling your claim for the following reasons:

We Can Work with Your Insurance Company

In July 2020, Michigan law changed, making the previous at-fault insurance system into a no-fault system. Michigan law requires all car owners to maintain no-fault insurance, which pays for the reasonably necessary medical expenses stemming from the accident and up to 85% of your lost wages you would have received had you not been injured, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. 

While this may seem fair, you may find that your own insurance company wants to minimize the value of the claim and may soon prove itself difficult. We can handle communication with the insurance company so that you can avoid this hassle. Working with an experienced lawyer will show the insurance company that you are aware of your rights and will only accept a fair settlement.

We Can Investigate Your Claim 

Even if you have no-fault insurance, you may still wind up filing a claim against the at-fault party, such as if the at-fault party:

  • Was insured in an at-fault state
  • Caused property damage
  • Killed, seriously injured, or permanently disfigured you or another occupant in your vehicle

We can investigate your claim and determine the factors that contributed to it. This thorough investigation can prove useful if you must file a claim against the at-fault party and will help preserve the full value of your claim.

We Know the Law

Our knowledgeable lawyers know the relevant laws about car accidents in Michigan and will use our robust knowledge of this area of the law to protect your claim. We know the statute of limitations for your claim and can ensure that you file a lawsuit within this timeline to prevent your case from being barred. In some situations, you may have more or less time to file your claim, so we can be sure you are aware of this deadline.

We Can Advise You on How to Maximize the Value of Your Claim

Every step of the way, we will help you to maximize the value of your claim. We can provide guidance and specifically advise to you, such as not giving a recorded statement to the insurance company without our help. We can also explain the importance of following your doctor’s orders and mitigating your damages. 

Additionally, we can instruct you on maintaining your medical records, which can help establish the link between your injuries and the car accident, as well as account for the medical expenses and pain and suffering elements of your damages. We can also explain the role of a pain journal and the information you can include in it to keep a contemporaneous account of how the accident has negatively affected you.

You May Not Be Experienced at Negotiating 

This is likely the first car accident you have been in, so you may not realize the full extent of your damages. You may also not be experienced at negotiating for a fair amount of compensation.

Our team focuses on personal injury claims and handles these claims on a routine basis. We understand the potential long-term impact that a car accident can have on a person’s life and are sure to account for the full extent of our clients’ injuries when negotiating a fair settlement. Additionally, we are seasoned negotiators and can level the playing field against insurance adjusters whose sole mission is to minimize the value of your claim.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Claim

If you were injured in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Ian M. Freed PLC at (248) 213-4900. We can assist you with every aspect of your claim and we work on a contingency fee, so you have nothing to lose by getting started on your claim today.